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SlED´s: Sleddog Seminar
about Communication, Psychology and Training of Dogs

More Information for the next workshop/ course in autumn 2024 coming soon.

The IDea

Really sustainable outdoor clothing. Made in Europe from foot to head. With a resource that would otherwise be thrown away - dog wool.
As close as possible to a circulatory system. From durable new goods to repair service & clothing tops. With every purchase of a clothing, a targeted animal welfare project will be supported.


The Current Status

In the course of the research:
"How should we process the wool?" we came across the great German company Modus Intarsia. They are the first in Europe to process the resource "dog wool" into industrial yarn.
Now we are working in cooperation.

The first step, not just to your own collection, but to change the fashion industry.
Away from "fast fashion".

 dog wool

Everything aroundgroup communicationn

& Challenges in multi-dog ownership


advanced training of sled dogs

(theory + practice)

 Health (Feeding + watering, claw & coat care, dealing with   injuries, first aid, regeneration + massage, daily care)

Young dog and command training

material scienceand splicing course for your personalized leash

 The driving with big harnessed on the training trolley, as well as the individual             
   Individual dog work when trekking and on the fat bike.

All information & You can find an example of the course of the 8-day seminar here:

Outdoor Clothing

We are currently analyzing and testing the future raw materials for our sustainable outdoor clothing.

Do you work in the fashion industry OR do you have a talent for tailoring / design and would like to help build our sustainable outdoor clothing?

Contact us at this email address:

Sled'sPictures + impressions of what awaits you

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