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            WHom to meet?

27 huskies

Part of our dogs are adopted - from animal shelters, welfare organisation or they came to us because they were confiscated due to neglect. They stay at our place as family members - until the end of their days. During summertime they do great therapywork within our children- and youth programs. They are just as family-related as us. 


Dogs living permanently together as a pack  in a 10.000 qm outdoor area. 
of course we also have dogs from loving breeders. But adopting dogs also belongs to the concept of sustainability. As well as a focused look at supporting animal welfare work across europe.

15.2 Manni.jpg

2 Humans

We (Markus & Josephin)

met each other in 2015 in finnish lapland. We are united by a deep connection to Finland, the dogs & the arctic nature.
Originally a Swiss landscape gardener from St.Gallen and a German social worker from Mecklenburg, we took the step of permanent emigration in July 2019.


We believe that people should not lose their connection to nature. That it is all the more important in our globalized, technologized world to maintain the connection to real nature. Up here we have something like the last wild paradise in Europe. And that's exactly what we want to show you.  

Josi & Markus

Chickens & co

Organic chickens

Next to our free-living organic chickens, there will be rabbits and woolly pigs in the future also romping around in the camp. 


The stables and outdoor enclosures are located on the hill in front of our vegetable garden - between lush blueberry fields.

Coming soon: yaks

Yaks - the little giants among the wild cattle breeds. Their natural occurrence in Mongolia makes them ideal for life in arctic regions.




 Once all the authorities have given their permits, nothing stands in the way of the yaks moving in. 


Do you want more than just Cuddle?


Become a part of our pack life. Sponsorships for our animals, Donations of food or medicine help us a lot - and we are sincerely grateful for any support.And who of you didn't always want to be the godfather of an arctic organic chicken or yak bull?And that you also know where all this is flowing: Tada! Our animals in pictures, with their very own stories.

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