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"Not all those who wander are lost "

- JRR Tolkien

... most wanderer are just looking for themselves. Age does not play the slightest role. Feel invited to browse the following offers and who knows? -

You may find what you weren't looking for.

programmes for children &

 young people


School programmes &

local education projects on the topic:
sustainable management

of a wilderness camp

(Focus on animal husbandry & vegetable growing)


Programmes for clients of 

Child and Youth Services

- from group trips to intensive educational process work.

May 28th

A night to remember. Fresh cheesecake, figs, and pinot noir.

Youth projects

Child and youth work




"I am a social pedagogue with further therapeutic education in working with double diagnoses in child and youth welfare (addiction and mental illnesses) and continue to be trained in nature-pedagogical process support. I completed my postgraduate master’s degree in the focus on economic management of social institutions.

My professional focus is on therapeutic work with animals and nature.


For me, a sustainable wilderness camp is not just about tourism.

But barrier-free access for all people. To make this last piece of untouched nature in Europe tangible - and also therapeutically usable.


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Thats me

Barrier-free wilderness camp

For people with physical and / or mental impairments

A place of tolerance for all people. Everyone is welcome.


Financially severely restricted? Let's find a solution together.


Accessible wilderness camp

Team & individual education

For every team or as

individual coaching

Expand your professional and personal skills (targeted for specialists from social professions but open to everyone)

May 28th

A night to remember. Fresh cheesecake, figs, and pinot noir.


Team & individual education

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