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Your Journey to the wild 

with Nomadic Naali

Animal Welfare Wilderness Camp in North Finland.

What to expect & Why visit us?:

More than just vacation.

We offer you a break:
a journey into nature and to yourself.

Whether sled expedition or Husky-Retreat:

Here you will find a place to calm down and to reflect on what matters.
Here, nature as the habitat of all of us can be felt and approached again.

At the same time, with your stay you support our
work in animal welfare within the sled dog industry.
The majority of our dogs come from confiscations or levies.

We work with "second-hand" dogs that get a
forever home and a second chance with us.

They live in individual groups (depending on the character of the dog in different sizes between 20 or 5 dogs), in an outdoor enclosure of 10,000 square meters. 

They are part of our family. Unfortunately we cannot
accommodate all requests. That's why we always strive
adopting dogs in our free time. For the future we wish for a large-scale change in the system of the sled dog industry. Since the legal requirements in Scandinavia are unfortunately not strict enough,
we hope to do our part through educational work.

And you, as a guest, are invited to get to know this work. 
We always design your stay individually & authentic.

How to behave in Nature & around animals will be a
big part of your journey.

You will learn how to make a fire and how to move outside
in a variety of weather conditions.

And maybe your break will be more
than just a holiday memory in a dusted book.
Are you ready for this ?

You can experience the following with us all year round:
 Week tours with the dog-sled

Expedition tour with the dog-sled

Day Workshops: How to drive your own husky team

Cabin Rental & camper pItch & Sauna rental

Kennel Visits in the 10,000 square meter husky enclosure
(all year round) 

Guided husky walks

Island-husky retreat under the midnight sun

Yoga-Husky Retreat in Indian Summer

Guided Canoe Groups & family tours at your desired time
(between 2-6 days. Jun-Sep)

Sled Dog Training Workshop & communication among dogs 

Cold & Ice retreat during Polarnight

Canoeing on the camp lake, traditional Finnish dinner around the

campfire, hot tub rental and much more awaits you here at the

camp. Have fun browsing the offers.

We look forward meeting you.


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